GVM, GCM and Tow Upgrades

Why be legal?

The excitement of planning and buying your new vehicle/van setup can often lead many people to forget about a fundamental question – am I sticking to the legal limits for my vehicle?

More than just peace of mind, staying within the legal limits of your vehicle can avoid some very serious ramifications when it comes to registrations, insurance and litigation.

The best option is to perform a GCM, Tow or GVM upgrade, or the combination of these that best suits your purposes.

So many people come to us with the best intentions of keeping their loads legal but when we put their vehicle and van or camper or trailer over a weighbridge, a lot of these are extremely over weight.

At Specialised Vehicles Pty Ltd we can offer professional and current advice on your entire vehicle/camper/van requirements for legal GVM, GCM and Tow limits.

Our services include:

  • Pre-purchase advice including set-up and weights
  • Tow vehicles evaluation and suitability
  • Wheel alignments, tracking checks on both tow vehicles and caravans
  • Appraisal of ATM, ball weights, etc.
  • Chassis changes, repairs and bracing reinforcements
  • Suspension and brakes service and upgrades
  • RMS (or state-specific) compliance where possible
  • Facilities to weigh, set-up and alter tow vehicles, caravans and slide-on campers