6 Wheel Ute Conversions

Turning your vehicle into the ultimate work horse.

  • Substantial increases in legal GVM
  • Heavy duty disc brakes allow fast, efficient braking in wet or dry conditions
  • Chassis strengthening to cope with GVM increase
  • Axle articulation of 300mm or more.
  • Load Share System improves stability when carrying and towing
  • Larger tray size to carry more without needing to upgrade to light commercial vehicle
  • Excellent for towing heavy trailers, horse floats, slide-on campers and 5th wheel hitch vehicles
  • Sturdy and reliable with minimal servicing required
  • On-board cabin control options available for stabilising uneven loads
  • Convenient extra air outlets can be fitted for inflating tyres, air beds, etc.
  • Head-turning, unique vehicle that is excellent for promoting your business